We always focus on understanding our clients’ customers to guide the development of executable strategy. When it comes to iQuest, we pay very close attention to what our own customers have to say as well. It helps us improve, which in turn helps them improve, which helps us improve… you get the idea.

The Marketing Store Worldwide
John Hilbrich, Former CEO, The Marketing Store Worldwide

“We retained iQuest to lead a critical strategy session with McDonald’s, our most important global client. iQuest worked closely with McDonald’s senior management to define the permission space and desired outcomes and then led a group of 19 senior participants from 4 different advertising agencies to boldly rethink the building blocks of their business. As a result, we were able to launch one of the most successful campaigns at a critical down period that started a long upswing in revenues. I have subsequently worked closely with iQuest on several other initiatives and always come away impressed with their approach and thinking. I wholeheartedly recommend iQuest to help when you've got a meaty strategic issue, key to your company's future, that you need to investigate, understand and solve."